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You are reading a resource in the Green Economy Library. This library is a free, open-access tool for anyone who needs access to good quality, well-researched, comprehensive information that helps them advocate for a livable future and learn about the complex aspects of our energy system and a just transition. Together, we can build the energy future that we dream of.

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The True Costs of Nuclear

Nuclear energy has been marketed as a “clean” energy source given that it emits less CO2 than power plants that run on coal and natural gas, however, the harmful impacts of nuclear are often overlooked. Nuclear energy has serious impacts on our health, environment, and marginalized communities. It also comes with financial costs and is tied to weapons proliferation as well as safety issues.

Topics in this section include:

  • Environmental Impacts
  • Health Impacts
  • Impacts on Indigenous Peoples
  • Financial Costs
  • Safety and Weapons Proliferation