CNY Energy Hub

About the Regional Energy Hubs

New York State is embarking on a transition to an inclusive clean energy powered economy. All residents, businesses and communities across the State will have access to new opportunities to benefit from this transition including clean energy careers, home improvements, even rebates for businesses and personal transportation. But there’s a lot of information out there, and people may not know where to start.

To help New Yorkers access and navigate these opportunities, NYSERDA created the Regional Clean Energy Hubs. Clean Energy Hubs connect people to the clean energy economy. 

The Pathway to a Clean Energy Future


Insulation and other improvements make our homes and buildings more comfortable, energy efficient, and heat pump ready.


Upgrading heating, cooling and hot water to heat pump based systems dramatically reduces emissions and in many cases, annual costs.


Choosing to reduce or replace fossil fuel based transportation as much as possible through public transit, walking and biking, and electric vehicles.


Powering it all with renewable energy and innovative battery storage.

About the CNY Energy Hub

You are in good hands.

Hubs help and provide information to individuals, small businesses, and affordable housing owners about the benefits of the clean energy economy, ways to reduce energy use and costs, and how to make more informed energy decisions.

What we offer


Connecting low-to-moderate income households -including renters!- with funding and contractors for energy efficiency improvements.

HeatSmart CNY

Helping homes and businesses understand heat pumps, relevant incentives, and connect with local contractors.

Solar Power

Learn more about community solar programs in your area.

Coming soon.


Assistance with accessing job training and employment in the clean energy sector.

Everyone deserves a clean energy future. Not just for our planet, but the health of our homes and communities. We can help.

What people say

A small snapshot of the difference we have already made

Heat pumps are a viable heating and cooling alternative to fossil fuels that perform marvelously, making our home a comfortable place to live even during the coldest Central New York weather.

—John and Maggie, Homeowners (HeatSmart CNY)

We moved to Syracuse a year ago and were renting a house that was very cold through the winter. We learned through this program that even as renters we could apply for a grant for insulation. We (and our landlord) were thrilled by the prospect. On the first visit [the contractor] gave us LED light bulbs to start the process of making our home more efficient right away, and explained the most cost effective ways to get our home more insulated and energy efficient. We’ve now gotten our walls insulated, and our old, drafty, paint-chipping windows replaced. We could not have done it without [Empower+].

— Sarah and Jonathan, Syracuse