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You are reading a resource in the Green Economy Library. This library is a free, open-access tool for anyone who needs access to good quality, well-researched, comprehensive information that helps them advocate for a livable future and learn about the complex aspects of our energy system and a just transition. Together, we can build the energy future that we dream of.

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Promote Energy Justice

An energy system that is “just” is one that equitably distributes benefits (jobs, clean air and water, affordable energy) and mitigates harms (pollution, resource extraction, costs) across communities. A just transition to a green economy must recognize the impacts from systemic racism and classism on a person’s ability to participate in the clean energy sector, and take steps to ensure that there are opportunities for BIPOC and low-income communities to materially and meaningfully benefit. We hope the resources on this page will inspire you to learn more about energy justice and how to promote it in your community.

Topics in this section include:

  • Energy Justice
  • Public Power
  • Rejecting False Solutions
  • Cooperatively Owned Utilities