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You are reading a resource in the Green Economy Library. This library is a free, open-access tool for anyone who needs access to good quality, well-researched, comprehensive information that helps them advocate for a livable future and learn about the complex aspects of our energy system and a just transition. Together, we can build the energy future that we dream of.

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Biomethane (RNG)

Biomethane, marketed as “renewable natural gas” (RNG) by the fossil fuel industry, is a form of processed biogas. Biogas is generated from decomposing animal, plant, and human waste. Framed as a renewable energy source, biomethane provides an opportunity for the gas industry to maintain its position in the energy system as opposed to investing in electrification powered by solar and wind.

Topics in this section include:

  • What is biomethane?
  • Issues associated with biomethane
  • Who does biomethane really profit?
  • Promotion of CAFOs and waste production