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This library is a free, open-access tool for anyone who needs access to good quality, well-researched, comprehensive information that helps them advocate for a livable future and a just transition.

As movement builders and organizers, we know how badly the activists and campaigners in our movement need access to resources that lift the veil on false solutions, provide the facts about renewable energy, and can combat the constant spread of misinformation by the fossil fuel and nuclear industries. Our movement is at a critical juncture – we need our people to be well-versed in so much, and it’s a lot to ask. We hope that this tool will create engaging, interesting, and effective ways to learn about the complex aspects of our energy system. At the same time, we know it’s simple: Together, we can build the energy future that we dream of.

The Path to a 100% Renewable Future

Electrify everything, increase energy efficiency, invest in wind and solar energy, and promote energy justice. These are some of the biggest steps we need to take to reach a 100% renewable energy future that is clean and affordable to all. To learn more about the steps we need to take to reach this goal, click on the image above.

False Solutions to our Climate Crisis

False solutions are energy sources marketed with the promise of mitigating climate change, but which actually pose threats to people and the environment, distract from real just and clean energy solutions, and are often financially backed by the fossil fuel industry. To learn more about false solutions like methane and hydrogen, click the image above.

The Dirty Truth about “Clean” Nuclear

Since its inception, nuclear energy has been falsely marketed as a clean energy source. Yet there are numerous harmful impacts from radioactive waste and contaminated waterways on workers, their communities, and the communities hosting radioactive waste, as well. Click on the image above to learn more about the true costs of nuclear energy.

Green Economy FAQs

Looking for a short list of frequently asked questions based on our library content? Click below to get your climate and energy questions answered by experts! Our FAQs will be available in Spanish soon.


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