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This Giving Season we are raising $10,000 in honor of our 10 years of fighting for our right to a livable planet, good jobs, and affordable, sustainable housing and energy for all!

AGREE has spent our first 10 years putting down strong roots and branching out to connect with organizations across the state. Throughout this time, we have stayed true to our core values: economic and racial justice; a 100% renewable energy future and a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy system; speaking truth to power; and being fiercely collaborative with others.

In short, we are doing the hard work necessary to address the climate crisis.

2022 has been a great year!

•    We joined with labor unions to secure passage of the Utility Thermal Energy Network and Jobs Act, which will preserve and create good union jobs that will decarbonize buildings at scale and remove barriers that were blocking implementation of New York’s climate law.

•    We helped advance climate-friendly homes in New York state by working with over 200 allies to secure Governor Hochul’s commitment to 2 million climate-friendly homes by 2030!

•    Our HeatSmart CNY campaign reached #1 in the state for climate emissions reductions, saving over 16 million pounds of CO2e from being created by switching over 200 homes and buildings to energy efficient heat pumps and better insulation. Half of the projects helped low-to-moderate income households!

Please donate to help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 by the end of this year so that we can continue:

•    Building our capacity to take utility companies head-on to fight for affordable energy and an end to fossil fuel investments;

•    Advocating for more renewable energy and green jobs that directly benefit low-income communities;

•    Organizing allies to build the massive movement needed to address the climate crisis; and

•    Expanding on-the-ground programs that directly help people affordably transition to fossil-free, efficient, all-electric heating and cooling.

As always, we’re so grateful for your generous support that allows us to keep working towards a 100% renewable energy system; efficient, healthy homes; and a just economy in balance with our ecosystems and in which everyone thrives.

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Thank you for supporting the Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE). We are a small grassroots operation, working to pull off ambitious work. Every dollar you donate is put to use on public education, coalition building, and advocacy toward a 100% renewable energy system in New York State. No donation is too small to make a difference. Our costs range from postage stamps to staff salaries. We are grateful for your contributions of any size.