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2023 has been a historic year for AGREE, inside and out.

Our Alliance for A Green Economy team grew from 6 staff to 12, across multiple departments. We hired our first ever Public Advocate and Communications Director, and staffed up our new Regional Clean Energy Hub team.

Why? To keep doing everything we do, with the support needed to go even further in our work.

Externally that looks like:

Together, the growing AGREE team is taking on an ever-growing slate of vital organizing, advocacy, and outreach activities. And as we keep connecting the highest level policy makers to the grassroots, on-the-ground experts, we’re working to build a sustainable, small donor funding program to match it.

When you become an AGREE donor, you’re helping ensure we can stay independent and do the work we need to do. We’re starting with a big goal – $10,000 for the rest of 2023. 50, 10, 1 dollar, or just taking action with us when you get our e-blasts and action notices – every bit counts! Help us build the kind of green economy, and bright future, in which we and our communities thrive.

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Donations by check
Make checks payable to “Alliance for a Green Economy” and send to: 

Alliance for a Green Economy
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Donations to Alliance for a Green Economy are tax-deductible.

Thank you for supporting the Alliance for a Green Economy (AGREE). We are a small grassroots operation, working to pull off ambitious work. Every dollar you donate is put to use on public education, coalition building, and advocacy toward a 100% renewable energy system in New York State. No donation is too small to make a difference. Our costs range from postage stamps to staff salaries. We are grateful for your contributions of any size.