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Our Campaigns

From humble beginnings a decade ago, AGREE has grown to be a major force in New York’s energy landscape, advocating for an equitable transition to a renewable-energy-based economy where everyone can thrive in harmony with Earth’s ecosystems. We work from the hands-on house by house level to utility rate cases and statewide policy.

Renewable Heat Now

Through our Renewable Heat Now Campaign, we work with organizations across NY to raise awareness about how we can convert from fossil fuel heating to geothermal heat pumps, thermal energy networks, and cold climate heat pumps.

Utility Rate Cases

Utilities collect billions of dollars every year for the electricity grid, pipelines, and energy efficiency programs. Through our rate case trainings and interventions we advocate for affordable energy bills, improved energy efficiency, and alternatives to gas investments.

EnergySmart CNY

Our Energy Advisors are here to help you save energy, make homes more comfortable, electrify everything and reduce fossil fuel use. Let us connect you with the many Federal, State, and local programs to help you be part of the climate solution.

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