Our Executive Director at AGREE

Sign On For A Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Policy In New York


Dear Governor Cuomo:

Thank you for your commitment to furthering the state’s climate action with a commitment to establish energy efficiency standards. We urge you to set a comprehensive and bold policy that includes a target for utilities of no less than 3% annual electricity savings, aggressive targets for natural gas savings, and incorporation of metrics that give maximum credit for additional efficiency gained via beneficial electrification through heat pumps and electric vehicles. This will allow New York to cost-effectively meet its Clean Energy Standard goal of 50% renewable electricity and 40% greenhouse gas reductions by 2030.

Secondly, we support the priorities set out by climate and environmental justice organizations and allies highlighted in their letter formally submitted to your office and to agency leaders. We therefore strongly encourage you to set aside 40% of energy efficiency investments for climate vulnerable and frontline communities, partnering with those communities in executing energy efficiency initiatives. Additionally, it is critical these targets prioritize equity by incorporating inclusive financing mandates for utilities, prevent rate increases for low- and moderate-income ratepayers, provide good-paying jobs, integrate public accountability measures, address the needs of multi-family housing, incentivize comprehensive in-unit improvements, and preserve housing affordability. Your action on these issues is greatly appreciated.