No Rate Hikes for Nukes

What you need to know about the proposed consumer bailout of Ginna

In July, 2014, nuclear company Exelon announced that its Ginna nuclear reactor in Wayne County is losing millions of dollars and will close unless the Public Service Commission forces ratepayers to pay more money to keep the plant open. The most recent proposal, filed on October 21, 2015, would subsidize Ginna throught March of 2017.

If Exelon gets its way, Rochester-area ratepayers would be on the hook to help Ginna become profitable again by digging into their own pockets! Sound outrageous? We think so, too, and we are organizing to keep Ginna from getting this bailout.

Ginna is one of the oldest nuclear reactors in the U.S. Propping up this uncompetitive reactor would drain resources from Rochester Gas and Electric consumers, produce more radioactive waste, prolong the routine radioactive releases at Ginna, and extend the risk of a radioactive accident, while only delaying the inevitable closure of the plant. 

On the other hand, Ginna’s immediate closure, if properly managed, could hasten the development of energy efficiency, demand response, renewables, and storage – industries that could provide good jobs for the Rochester area for years to come. Ginna's decommissioning fund should also be put to work immediately, and the Public Service Commission should use its authority to negotiate a decommissioning plan for Ginna that retains as much of the current workforce as possible to isolate the radioactivity at the site from humans and the local environment.


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